Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Genoa, NV - Perfect Tahoe side trip

I mentioned Genoa in another post. It deserves more than just a mention.  There is very little to it, but we loved that little spot so much that we ended up going back before our week in Tahoe was over. The drive over there is really pretty. You wind your way down the mountain and get to look for miles and miles over the desert floor.
The reason we even decided to go see Genoa was the Genoa Bar. It is Nevada's oldest bar. It was visited by Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Jonny Cash, John Wayne, etc . When you step onto the porch of the Genoa bar, it really feels like the OLDEST bar in Nevada. I'm sure it's the oldest bar I've ever set foot in. The inside is just as I imagined - dim, wooden, and dusty. The walls are covered in random artifacts that I believe have never ever been dusted. Even the dustiness of the place is cool..hahaha!  They are famous for their bloody Mary, so of course we had to try those. I believe that was the first time I had ever ordered one. What better of a place for it?  The bar doesn't serve food, but they do allow you to bring in some from across the rd or they even have menus for you to call in an order to be delivered to you at the bar.
  There are just a few little shops in town including a really small, but very neat antique store just down the street. Anyone who is a gun collector would really want to check that out. There were several things we would have purchased if we weren't a couple thousand miles from home.
  There is a small museum that is a neat little thing to do and a small park that is perfect for a picnic. So that is an option. Bring a picnic, sit at a table at the park, then visit the bar.  The locals told us the mule deer frequently come down from the mountain and take over the park in the evenings and you can just sit there and watch them. We didn't get to do that. Maybe next trip.